Black Wedding Hairstyles Mega Post part 1

Ok, let me just explain the reason I set up this blog. For the past 3 years I have been casually browsing wedding pictures online to gain inspiration as to what my wedding day would be like (I had been engaged for two and a half years). Last year, in July, I was finally wooshed down the isle and accepted into the married clan. One day, happilly married but slightly bored, I was cleaning out my computer files and came across the old “wedding pictures” folder. I thought to myself “self… don’t be selfish and just delete all these photos, share them with the world!”

So here I am, posting the first part of my black wedding photos collection with you – enjoy and please comment if you appreciate them or feel there is anything that could be changed about this website.

This post is sponsored by Hair and Beauty Direct – The UK’s number one source for black, biracial and mixed race hair care and skin care products. Check them out!


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Welcome to Black Wedding Hairstyles.

This site is a collection of beautiful black hair styles that we hope you will use to inspire you when choosing your style for your own special day! Keep checking back as new wedding hair styles are constantly being posted!

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